For my birthday I asked my husband if I could hire Kathrine to do a closet audit, it will go down as the *best* gift ever! She was incredibly helpful and easy to work with. She first took the time to understand my style (wasn’t trying to make me into somebody else), and then helped me purge items I’d long been holding onto, but never really wore (or shouldn’t have worn!). She helped me mix & match several outfits (with accessories!) and as a follow-up emailed me items that would help complete my wardrobe, including links to specific items/styles to consider. Since my closet audit she has continued to be an amazing style resource for me and I’ve never been happier with my wardrobe.

— Kathryn H.

My wardrobe definitely needed an update for both style and function. My closet was full of clothes that once I thought were great, but now were very dated. Kathrine helped me go through my entire closet in 3 hours and identified what could still could work and the pieces that should go if I was ready. And, yes, I was ready. Also for me, sizing was an issue that needed to be addressed and Kathrine did that with true skill. Another 2 hours were spent shopping together. Again, it was a great experience. Actually fun! The pieces she identified fit my budget and met our objectives. There is no question in my mind that Kathrine is your go-to person for developing a sense of what is really right for you.

— Merrilee H.

Hiring Kathrine to do a closet audit and styling session is one of the wisest investments I have ever made. After leaving the corporate world and starting life as a stay at home mom, I had lost myself completely when it came to style. Seven years and three babies later, I was still holding onto clothes from my days in corporate America “just in case”! Kathrine helped me by making it easy to let go of pieces that just didn’t fit me well or were completely out of style. Once my closet was put back together, I was excited to see everything easily and be confident that it all fit me well! I am now able to shop in a very focused way, knowing exactly what pieces will round out my wardrobe and make it easier for me to pull together fashionable outfits. As an added benefit, Kathrine is so much fun to hang out with! Don’t hesitate – hire her!

— Julie V.

To say that my closet was a disaster would be an understatement, after being pregnant, losing and gaining pregnancy weight, working from home as a consultant, and being a stay at home mom. I had completely lost my fashion identity. I has lost my way fashion wise. I was in a very dark place, until Kathrine came to help me. She took the time to go through my closet, pitch the clothes that weren’t working, and then came up with a check list of items that I needed to buy. When we went shopping we found the perfect pair of jeans! That alone has changed my life. Before our closet session, she had asked me to identify my style. That really gave me clarity and now when I go shopping, I always keep that in the back of my mind. Does this piece fit into “my” style? Our session gave me the confidence that I had lost along the way. I love my clothes now and every piece represents me.

— Amelia D.