What to give that person who has a sweet tooth for Valentine’ Day? Sweet treats from Fruit Bouquets.com is the answer! Who wouldn’t want to receive these goodies and feel loved at the same time? Read on to get a special coupon code to use at Fruit Bouquets.com.

Sweet on You Gift Set

First up is this impressive gift set called Sweet on You. I see this perfect for sharing with your special someone. This fruit bouquet is filled with a mix of dipped, drizzled strawberries and heart-shaped pineapples. Pineapple and strawberries are my two favorite fruits so I couldn’t be happier with this combo. I have had chocolate covered strawberries from Fruit Bouquets in the past so I know they are delicious. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am on a 40 Sugar Fast so I only ate the plain fruit. My husband loved the chocolate-covered strawberries. I adore the chalkboard-style hearts on the container. Too cute!

Mini Chocolate Dipped Donuts

These donuts are haunting me at the moment because I couldn’t eat them! Donuts are my weakness and it just sucks that I couldn’t have any. Oh well! My kids and hubby enjoyed them. I love all the pretty colorful sprinkles and the elegant box that they come in. Who doesn’t love donuts?

Fruit Bouquets.com Coupon Code

So have I sold you on this sweet treats yet? If you aren’t sure what to get your Valentine, sweet treats from Fruit Bouquets.com is the way to go. Use code KATHRINE25 to get 25% off sitewide! Now the questions, which gift set will you choose and will you share it?

Have you ever tried Fruit Bouquets.com before? Besides these two gifts, I received chocolate-covered strawberries for Halloween and Christmas. The delivery was fast and I was completely satisfied. Valentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away!