Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket with DL 1961 Flared Jeans

This suede moto jacket and flared jeans outfit is not entirely old or new. The jacket was found on sale at the end of the spring season so it didn’t feel right to wear it yet with the warmer weather. Read on to see why you need a jacket like this in your wardrobe. Also sharing a tribute to my aunt who was a big supporter of my blog.

Jacket (similar here) | Jeans (similar here) | Tank (similar here and here) | Sandals | Clutch | Necklace (similar here) | Hoops | Sunglasses

Suede Moto Jacket with Flared Jeans by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Suede moto jacket with a printed tank and flared jeans.

Details of Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket and Black Agate Necklace

Edgy chic look featuring a suede moto jacket and flared jeans.

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Jacket (similar here) | Jeans (similar here) | Tank (similar here and here) | Sandals | Clutch | Necklace (similar here) | Hoops | Sunglasses

Suede Moto Jacket

A suede moto jacket is a great way to incorporate edge in your wardrobe without feeling like you are part of a biker gang.  I personally love leather jackets while I have clients that get a little nervous adding this staple to their closet. The suede moto jacket is a nice balance in my opinion. It adds structure to tops that are not very fitted and gives your body a flattering silhouette.

I was over the moon when I found this on sale at Nordstrom because it’s a pretty popular jacket. It’s made by Blank NYC and they make of version of it every year. This one here and this one here would be great additions to your fall wardrobe. Light tan is a neutral I always gravitate to because of its versatility so finding this one on sale was a big score. Have you had any major sale finds during this in between time?

Saying Goodbye to Auntie Dorothy

My Aunt Dorothy who was my father’s sister and my Godmother passed away at the end of last week. She had been having health problems for the past couple of years but she always came out of the other side. She entered the hospital and we all thought she would be back on her feet soon enough. This didn’t happen and it caught us all by surprise.

All I can say is that she was such an amazing person and friend to me. When I was child, she got me and my sister’s ears pieced and she was my sponsor when I did my first confession in the Catholic church while my parents where out of town. Auntie Dorthy would always send me a birthday card too. I will never forget all the Christmas Eves at her house.

She also was a big supporter of my blog and frequently commented on my outfits – good or bad. Lol! (She did not like culottes on me.) I appreciated her candor and loved how she showed me support in everything l did. Dorothy was a God-fearing women and revered the Virgin Mary. She has inspired me to do the same and I find comfort in Mary’s commitment to the Lord as did she. Auntie Dorothy was an extraordinary loving force in this world and she always put a smile on my face.

I will miss you and I know that you are having a laugh with my Dad in heaven.

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