I am a novice when it come to understanding and appreciating art but my cousin, Michele Mahon Jahelka, revels in discovering art and bringing it to everyone around her. Last year she hosted a bunch of women at her home to meet artists she admires and also to experience their gifts firsthand. It was such a wonderful time that I knew I was in for a treat when I went to visit Sidetracked Studio for the first time. She recently became partners with Lauren Levato Coyne and Rory Coyne and their studio is must-see gallery in Evanston right outside Chicago.

Michele recently curated her first show called “What Did She Say?” that is going on now featuring all woman artists. I love how many of the pieces are thought-provoking and beautiful at the same time. The artists featured are Raeleen Kao, Amy Ventura, Teresa James, Lauren Levato Coyne, Mary Lou Novak, and Kristina Smith. Here is just a taste of what I saw. “What Did She Say” is going on until May 24th at Sidetracked Studio which is at 707 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL 60202. This show runs through May 24th so get over there and find out what these works are saying to you.


Cotton Candy by Kristina Smith



Oregon by Lauren Levato Coyne


IMG_6877 2

Little Sorrows by Amy Ventura



Blue Brenda by Mary Lou Novak


IMG_6890 2

Inhospitable by Raeleen Kao


This last piece is one that I absolutely fell in love with and spoke to me. ย I am going to be getting this for my birthday this coming Monday. ย This photo does not do it justice. ย The colors are stunning and I cannot wait to hang it up. What works are you drawn to?



Mary of Sorrows by Teresa James