Packing for Palm Springs - 5 tips for packing for a long weekend

Let me preface that these 5 tips for packing for a long weekend doesn’t mean that I will be fitting everything in a carry-on. If you are all about being minimal as possible, you can stop reading now. I googled packing for a long weekend and many writers don’t seem to understand that a girl needs options. Lol! I will be heading to Palm Springs this weekend (from Friday to Monday) and I wanted to share my approach to packing.  Keep reading to see how I reconcile having options and packing light.

Tips for Packing like a Fashionista

Tip #1 – Wear the same thing on the flight there and back. No one will know and you have one less outfit to put in your suitcase. Remember to wear layers to accommodate the different climates you might be going between. I will be leaving from freezing Chicago to balmy Palm Springs so layers will be key. I plan on wearing a long sleeved printed top underneath a sleeveless vest with skinny ankle jeans and sneakers.  The vest can come off when I arrive and I can roll up my sleeves and change into sandals if I feel like it.

Tip #2 – Bring bottoms that can do double duty. (Maybe even triple duty.) For this trip, I am bringing a pair of skinny black pants and a pair of skinny jeans (which is from my airplane look). These bottoms will work with all the different tops I will bring for evenings out.

Tip #3 – Add dresses to the mix because they take less space than a top/bottom look.  If you heading to a warmer climate like I am, dresses are the way to go. I plan on packing one casual summer dress for shopping during the day and one dress for a night out.

Tip #4 – Pack tops that work well with the bottoms you have chosen. Tops is where I want to have options. Even though I probably only need 2 tops for this trip, I will pack an extra just in case I want to change up my outfit for a certain destination. They all work with my pants and jeans.

Tip #5 – Plan out your accessories (handbags, shoes, and jewelry). Since you will be exploring, have a good cross body bag so your hands can be free. (Excited to bring my new Henri Bendel bag.) Bring one clutch that can be used for nights out.

As far as shoes go, have a comfy pair that can be worn during the day when a lot of walking is involved. My Steve Madden platform sandals are my choice for this trip. I will be bringing a pair of gym shoes besides my sneakers because a hike is on the agenda. For evenings, pack shoes in neutral colors that work for any color palette. Bringing my tan block sandals because this color goes with everything.  Also packing my suede mules because of their versatility. Bringing at least two evening shoe choices is something a fashionista can’t live without. 🙂

Opt for simple jewelry with a couple of trendy pieces thrown in. I will wear a timeless delicate necklace and my diamond stud earrings with my outfit on the plan. Packing one pendant necklace, one statement necklace, and a cuff to work with the several looks planned.

Sharing what I am packing for Palm Springs

Packing List for Palm Springs

Here is my exact list of what clothes and accessories I’m packing:

  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 2 bras plus 1 sports bra for weekend hike
  • 1 pair of socks for hike
  • one set of pajamas
  • pair of black skinny pants
  • 3 dressy tops
  • dress for evening out
  • sundress for daytime
  • bathing suit and sarong
  • workout tank and leggings
  • shoes – tan block sandals, suede mules, platform sandals, gym shoes
  • jewelry – 1 pendant necklace, statement necklace, cuff
  • clutch for evenings out
  • Suede baseball cap for hike

Packed Suitcase for Palm Springs

I will be carrying a tote on the plane to hold my laptop and have a cross body bag as well.  The tote can be used when we hang at the pool and the cross body will be for. And there you have it!

This list covers all bases in my opinion and still gives me options.  How do you pack for long weekends? I am hoping to share my experience in Palm Springs in an upcoming blog post. You can always follow me on Instagram Stories to see up close and personal what my mom, sister, and I are doing.  We have a girl’s trip every year so I’m pumped to have fun in this sun with these ladies.

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