My Quarantine Hobbies by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

I am really trying to embrace this downtime we have at home. After my health scare last week, the voice inside me said to relax and do things that bring me joy without a lot of effort. That meant chilling out on the flute practicing because that usually takes 2 hours out of my day. (My flute practice is very draining mentally and physically.) Take a look at my quarantine hobbies that have given me a boost of joy during this pandemic.

Creative Lettering Journal

Getting started in my Creative Lettering Journal.

I put this journal on my Mother’s Day/Birthday Wishlist post. It’s an Etsy find and I love how relaxing it is to trace over the letter shapes with a marker. I am a newbie at creative lettering so I’m just taking it slow right now and practicing individual letters. I recommend that you get tracing paper that they recommend with this book because I made a lot of mistakes when I first started. Making mistakes on the tracing paper was so much better than doing it in the actual book. I also received some of their recommended pens and they glide nicely over the tracing paper. Have any of you done lettering before?

Lettering Practice from Creative Lettering Journal

Watercolor Artbook Tutorial – Italy Palette Paints Kit

Watercolor Trip Inside - Watercolor Paint Kit
Watercolor Trip to Italy Painting Book with Supplies

I really loved painting with watercolors in my Lenten journal so I asked my hubby to find me a watercolor painting kit if possible for my birthday. He found this wonderful set that I just started using this past week. It’s a little more advanced than what I paint but I love the easy step-by-step instructions. Maybe I will show you what I’ve painted when I have finished my first one. (I have only done the practice exercises so far.) All of the sketches of different scenes in Italy are beautiful!

Inside of Watercolor Trip to Italy Painting Book

Both the Creative Lettering Journal and the Watercolor Paints Kit are on Etsy.

My First Tiered Tray

My first tiered tray

I don’t know if you would call pulling a tiered tray together a hobby but I did enjoy putting this one together. Several of my fave bloggers share theirs on a regular basis because they change theirs with the different seasons and holidays. My good friend and blogger Laura from I Do DeClaire did an amazing post here that shared links to all the goodies you could use for a tiered tray. She did all the work! Thank you Laura. Most of what is on mine came from her post. I did find my own tiered tray on Amazon here.

The bottom layer of my tiered tray.

My tiered tray is in my dining room where I have my afternoon prayer time and where I do the above hobbies. I love gazing at it and it gives me a sense of calm with its pretty things and inspirational cards. Do you have a tiered tray in your home?

Happy Wednesday! XO