My Flowering Planters 2019 by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

It’s no secret that I love planting flowers for my deck. I get such joy from being creative with flowers. On my birthday my mom, sister, and I took our annual pilgrimage to Pesche’s. I shared my haul on Insta Stories but here I’m sharing the fruits of my labor. Without further adieu, enjoy my flowering planters for 2019.

How I Plant My Flowers

Flowering planter featuring different varieties of coleus.
Flowering planter featuring zinnias.

I just thought I would share how I go about putting my planters together. I will admit there is not much planning involved. When I buy flowers, I just go with what I find attractive while making sure I have varying heights of flowers. (Don’t forget to get trailing flowers for sides and front.) The key with every planter is having balance. (Just like in fashion!) Sometimes I will have the highest blooms in the middle and then put trailing ones around the perimeter. Other times I will put the tallest in the back and middle and then move forward with shorter and shorter blooms until I get to the front of the planter.

Three flowering planters featuring coleus and zinnias.
Flowering planter featuring coleus, geraniums, and heather.

Besides the height of the flowers, you need to take in consideration the amount of sunlight the area will get where you have your pot. I have a mixture of shade and sun on my deck. If you have lots of sun, I recommend different types of coleus, geraniums, petunias, and wave petunias. They are tons more but these are guaranteed to do well. If you have shaded areas, go with begonias (my fave), snapdragons, or impatiens.

Box planter featuring begonias.
Box planter featuring yellow and pink begonias.

My last trick with my planters is that I always buy a couple of flats to fill in any gaps in my pots. Flats carry about 50 small flowering plants. It’s very important for your pots to be full and not show too much dirt.

Flowering planter featuring purple impatiens.
Colorful flowering planter featuring zinnias and wave petunias.

These flowering planters will get much fuller as we move into summer. By August, they can get out of control so I sometimes trim them to keep them looking their best.

Do you have flowering pots and what are your tricks? I will be helping a friend do hers this Friday. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need a little help as well. To see my flower pots from years past click here and here.

Happy Wednesday! XO