Picks from my Amazon storefront.

I recently became an Amazon affiliate and thought it was finally time to share my Amazon storefront. When I initially got invited, I inwardly groaned because I wasn’t sure I wanted to do all the work but it wasn’t as complicated at I originally thought. My storefront focuses primarily on fashion, beauty, and home decor which are things I have a passion for. Take a look a few of my picks from each category. Happy shopping!

Amazon Fashion Picks

I used to struggle with finding clothes and accessories on Amazon because they had such a wide range of choices. It was too overwhelming! Recently I discovered that they have an Amazon Fashion filter which streamlines all their products even more with brands that I really like and that also have decent quality.

There are several idea lists for clothing. I will continue to add more as I see fit. Here are all my current lists and I have shared two items from each so you can a taste of my recommendations. Just click on the image to shop.

Amazon Fashion Staples – These are basics that every woman needs in her closet.

Night Out – These pieces are perfect for a night out on the town.

Spring Fashion – These Spring fashion faves will refresh your wardrobe for the season.

Here are the rest of the clothing and accessory lists you can check out on your own – Dress Faves, Coat Love, Summer Must-Haves, Best Bags, and Dazzling Jewels.

Amazon Beauty

Besides clothing, I also have lists for all the beauty products that I use and love. All of these picks have been used by me and I approve 100%.

Makeup Must-Haves – I use every single one of these products!

Skincare and Haircare – I am serious about taking care of my skin and hair.

Amazon Home Decor

There is only one list of items for decorating your home and it’s called Home Decor. So original! 🙂 I think I had the most fun putting this list together so I shared three items here instead of two.

Home Decor – Add some style to your home with these items.

Any winners here? There is a lot more to see at my Amazon Storefront so see them all here. Are you a big Amazon shopper? If you are a Prime member like me, they make it so easy with 2 day shipping. Not a member? Click here to become one. I was a late bloomer with Amazon Prime but now I use it almost every single week.

Would you like to see any other idea lists on my storefront? Let me know because I would be happy to create one that fits your needs. Happy Wedesnday! XO