Lenten Journal Lessons by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

I am coming off one of the worst weeks in the past year. I won’t go into details but I’m sure you understand with all the drama of this pandemic right now. One day I’m up and the next I’m down. The one constant thing that has helped through all of this is my faith. I shared my Lenten journal in a previous post. Instead of giving up something, I decided to create something that would bring me closer to God. My church offered a book of Lenten reflections each day and I used that for inspiration. I had no idea that these Lenten journal lessons would become a lifeline to me during this uncertain time we are all in.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Follow Me from Lenten Journal Lessons

Life is not always what you want it to be and for at least 40 years, I believed I could make it the way I wanted it to be. Not so. Here are a couple of tidbits that came through some of my entries.

  • Sometimes in true emptiness you find God.
  • It’s okay to have spiritual struggle during prayer.
  • Stillness is required to hear His Voice. (I struggle with this one on a daily basis.)
  • Letting go of your ego and your plans gives God room to do His work.
  • Be patient in the pain and just rest.
  • Only He knows the way so trust that you are on the right path.
  • He loves all of us even in our brokenness and imperfections.

You Are Not Alone

God of Here and Now from Lenten Journal Lessons

Abandonment is a painful theme that lurks in my shadow self. Not until I lost my first husband did I realize that I am never alone. (Kinda ironic?) I just need to be reminded from time to time. I was comforted during Lent by these uplifting ideas.

  • He always invites us to rejoice in Him and be joyful.
  • Recognize the signs of love that He gives you everyday. (a phone call, a smile, and unexpected gift, a roof over your head)
  • Every small step of love is a candle burning in the night that brings us through the darkness. (Love that one!)
  • We have a choice to let God live in us.
Being Alone with God from Lenten Journal Lessons

Be Holy in Your Own Way

Be Holy In Your Own Way from Lenten Journal Lessons

I was struck by the entry called Be Holy in Your Own Way. My definition of being holy is doing what God gifted you to do and be. Finding whatever your longings are or passion is is what we should be doing to give God the glory. Amen! During this downtime, why not find what you are passionate about and starting do it. This blog and my flute playing are what drives me and gives me joy. So glad I have both to focus on during this crazy time. How are you holy?

I thought I would end this post with something I read from Richard Rohr this past Monday in his daily mediations. This passage hit exactly what I’ve been feeling and experiencing during my Lenten journal time. I am sad that my journal will be ending with Easter. I’m sure I will come up with something to continue this type of creativity.

It is God within us that loves God, so seek joy in God and peace within; seek to rest in the good, the true, and the beautiful. It is the only resting place that also allows us to bear the darkness. Hard and soft, difficult and easy, pain and ecstasy do not eliminate one another, but actually allow each other. They bow back and forth like dancers, although it is harder to bow to pain and to failure. If you look deeply inside every success, there are already seeds and signs of limits; if you look inside every failure, there are also seeds and signs of opportunity.

Cherish this Holy Week. Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!