This is the second part of the Laura Mercier beauty faves that I discovered in my most recent makeup consultation with the brand. I didn’t want to stay stuck in my same old makeup routine. My focus was on an updated eye makeup look. See what else I added to my haul.

Laura Mercier Beauty Faves by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

If you didn’t read my first post on my Laura Mercier shopping frenzy, click here. The concealer and blurring undereye powder that I loved were in that post.

Laura Mercier Eye Makeup

Caviar Stick Eye Colour by Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Khaki

I have never used an eye shadow in a cream form that I liked so I was pleasantly surprised with the look of this one on my lids. Juan Carlos Belmonte (national artist for Laura Mercier) applied it on my upper lash line and then smudged it with a brush. It created the prettiest smoky-eye effect. He really used it more like an eyeliner than a shadow. I love the sultry vibes it gives off and the khaki color is the perfect balance between black and brown.

Laura Mercier 3 Pan Compact featuring Cashmere and Cocoa Matte Eye Shadows

Laura Mercier Matte Eye Color in Cashmere

This extremely light pink eye shadow was applied under my lower lash line as well as in the crease of my lid. I loved the trick of applying under my lower lash line because it gave my eyes an extra boost of awakeness if that makes sense. This is a wonderful everyday eye color in my opinion.

Laura Mercier Matte Eye Color in Coffee Ground

This brown eye shadow is to be used more for dramatic eye looks as opposed to everyday. Juan Carlos applied this at each side of the outside corner my eyes. This took the smoky-eye effect to a whole new level.

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Bleu Marine and Flat Eyeliner Brush

This eyeliner is a whole new way of applying eyeliner. I’m obsessed with it! You do need this brush if you are going to buy it. Wet the brush and swirl it in the pan of eyeliner. Make sure to drop off any excess color on your hand before applying. (If you don’t, you might look like a raccoon.) Next lift your eye with the other hand and squiggle the brush on your upper eye waterline until it’s all filled in. It sounds very complicated but you just need practice. (This is why I wanted an in-store consultation!) This eyeliner is the ultimate touch to a sultry eye look. Sometimes I skip the eyeshadow and just do the eyeliner. The blue color is wonderful complement to my brown eyes.

Laura Mercier Extra and Final Look

Laura Mercier 3-Pan Custom Compact

Since I purchased the two eyeshadows and cake eyeliner, I decided to go ahead with this compact which keeps them all together. If I get tired of these colors, I can just pop them out and put other ones in their place. This is so genius and perfect for travel!

And here is my final makeup look after practicing with all these new goodies. This pic was from my Insta Stories before going out with my hubby for our anniversary night.

My final makeup look courtesy of Laura Mercier makeup.

What do you think of my final makeup look? Have a wonderful day! XO