Late Summer Layering by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Doing some late summer layering by throwing this white tee over this printed mini dress. Sometimes you have got to be creative to come up with new looks!

Tee (similar here) | Dress | Sandals (similar here) | Bag (similar here) | Necklace (similar here) | Sunglasses (similar here)

Showing how to layer in late summer.
Layering a short sleeve white tee over a red printed dress.
A summer look featuring a white tee with a printed red dress.
Changing up a red printed mini dress by adding a short sleeved tee over it.

Photos By Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Tee (similar here) | Dress | Sandals (similar here) | Bag (similar here) | Necklace (similar here) | Sunglasses (similar here)

Summer Layering

So I will fess up that I didn’t really love the fit of this dress. I was asked to do a review. I loved it but when I saw it in pictures on my body, I changed my mind. It was a little tight in certain areas. Have no fear though. You neighborhood stylist is here! I won’t give up that easily.

We always think of layering in fall and winter but not so much in summer. I love the length and print of this dress so I thought I could wear it like a skirt. The key was finding a top that would cover the entire top part of dress. Luckily I have this short sleeve top that hit in all the right places. What do you think of my layering experiment?

Flute Update

I thought I would share what’s been going on with my flute playing which I have mentioned in the past here on the blog. Practicing has become a major focus for me. It has taken a little bit of my time away from social media which is a good thing in my opinion. I usually shoot for 2 hours of practice.

The reason why I’m practicing so much (besides loving it!) is because I’m preparing for a flute competition that’s happening this fall. I have to submit a recording of me playing two solo pieces by October 1st. The wonderful thing about this is that one of the pieces has been on my radar. I felt I was already ahead the game. Regardless if I make the finals, it’s been extremely rewarding putting the time in and I will share the recordings when they are finished.

My plans for a recital are still there. Certain things have come up where I need to wait a little more for the right time. It’s God’s plan, not mine.

Have a fabulous week! XO

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