Kimono Cool in Florals by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Staying kimono cool in florals with this casual summer look. It’s always a balancing act when it comes to going in and out of air conditioning. A kimono can be the perfect layering piece for the back and forth.

Kimono (similar here and here) | Tee (similar here) | Jeans (similar here) | Wedges (similar here) | Bag (from Summer Box of Style – similar here)

Wearing a floral kimono over a casual tee and skinny jeans.
Being kimono cool in floral with this casual summer look.
Danielle Nicole Macrame Bag
Adding a floral kimono to dress up tee and jeans.

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Kimono (similar here and here) | Tee (similar here) | Jeans (similar here) | Wedges (similar here) | Bag (from Summer Box of Style – similar here)

Kimono – The Summer Layering Piece

For some reason, it’s taken me a couple of years to embrace kimonos. I loved the idea of them but felt a little awkward wearing them because of how flowy they are. I usually go for more fitted silhouettes. A couple of months ago, my family and I headed to the movies and I knew it was going to be chilly in the theater. I was wearing the tee that I have on here so I headed to my closet to see what I could wear over it. This floral print kimono (from a previous Spring Box of Style) jumped out at me. The tee stands out from the black background of the print but also pulls out the pink in the print.

The key to making sure a kimono doesn’t overwhelm your frame is to have balance. My fitted skinny jeans show off my figure. I styled it last year with my black ponte pants which are also fitted. I also love wearing kimonos with bathing suits. Are you a kimono fan?

Update on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

First off, I don’t want to pressure anyone into spending more than they can afford. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers putting disclaimers out there about being responsible financially. I couldn’t agree more but since I am a wardrobe stylist, I feel I need to share this sale because I recommend it to all my clients. I don’t really share any other sales for the most part. Nordstrom is my number one place to shop!

On Friday, the sale will go public and I’m doing another post which will feature wardrobe staples specifically. So the items won’t be as exciting and colorful as my picks from last Friday. Click here for that post. It’s my duty as a stylist to share the items that will go the distance in your wardrobe. Hoping you agree with me when you come back here on Friday.

Have a great day! XO