I usually do non-fashion posts (is that a word?) on Wednesday but because of the special link up I was a part of, I needed to do my typical Friday outfit post early.  See that post here. I am trying out some new beauty products at the moment that I’m not ready to share so I decided to give you the scoop on what’s been on my radar lately.

Hamilton – I am obsessed with this musical! It lives up to the hype and I can’t stop hearing the tunes in my head.  I just went to see it again with my sister this past Tuesday. (Yes, I am a spoiled brat.) She got lucky and got some tickets that a friend couldn’t use. I got lucky because her hubby was out of town for work.  I know the ticket prices are outrageous but it’s worth seeing.  This show is worth every penny.  I was closer up this last time and got to see how amazing the dancing is. When you learn about the beginnings of our nation, you realize how lucky we are.  Go see it!  If you come to Chicago to experience Hamilton, I will happily go with you. 🙂

House of Cards – Yes, I am late to the game on this one. Friends have been telling us for years to watch it.  My husband and I are almost through the first season and we are hooked! I cannot get over how chic and sophisticated Claire Underwood’s (Actress Robin Wright) wardrobe is. (See pic below) I want every single look!  I need to find out who the stylist is.

Kathrine Lately - Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Image Source: Netflix

Lent is coming – March 1st is the beginning of lent and I need to figure out what to give up.  I do realize it’s not always about giving up things like sweets, tv, and shopping. (I did give that up one time and it was the hardest thing I ever did. Ha!) I feel the Lord nudging me to chill out on social media.  I really love my blog and Instagram is such a great way to promote it especially since I work with brands that expect to be shared on Insta.  Any suggestions on how I could go about this? 1 post a day? No engagement after 6pm? Weekends off? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Mules – I have seen so many gorgeous pairs of mules on fashion blogs and Instagram.  I want a pair now even though I know it’s not a good idea to wear them in the current season. I’m eyeing this pair on Zappos. The block heel is giving me a little grandma vibe but if you pair it with a cool pair of jeans, they can be turned into something chic. Could be on the blog soon!

Can I get a witness? I am involved in a women’s group called CHRP (Christ Renews His Parish). Last year I went to their weekend retreat at my church and connected with women from my parish.  These women shared their stories on how Christ has changed their lives for the better.  Several women were witnesses and shared their powerful stories of God’s love. Now I am a part of the group that is putting on this retreat this year (in October) and I am giving a witness.  As soon as the retreat was over last year, I knew I had to share my story.  I will be giving my witness to the group next month so I’ve been preparing.  Let me just say it’s been a very painful process because I am reliving the death of my late husband and the journey that followed after. I feel compelled to open up to these women because I can’t believe the wonderful place that I’m in after experiencing so much pain. God is good! Just keep me in your prayers as I work through this emotional sharing. I just want to relay the message He wants me to share without turning into a sobbing mess.

My good friend Nancy (one of my many soul sisters) shared this amazing quote with me this week and I had to pass it along.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  – Joseph Campbell

Fear sometimes holds all of us back but keep this quote in mind when you need to move past it.  I hope you find your treasure this weekend! XO Kathrine

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