Graduation photo shoot with my son.

Graduation time this year was like no other because large gatherings were not allowed. It’s a sore spot for me and many others but I decided to make the best of it by planning a graduation photo shoot for my oldest son Evan who just graduated from Hinsdale Central High School. Read on to see how we celebrated this major milestone and watch the wonderful video my photographer Melissa put together of all the images she took.

My son Evan Eldridge's graduation photo shoot.
Evan Eldridge's graduation banner featuring Indiana University.
My family celebrating my oldest son's high school graduation from Hinsdale Central High School.
Being silly with the high school graduate.
Commemorating my son's high school graduation with a photo shoot.
Saying goodbye to high school with a throw of the cap.

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Graduation Day!

To make the day extra special for my son, I planned this photo shoot with my photographer Melissa. It was nice to see him wear his cap and gown for an extended amount of time. The shoot took place right before the actual virtual ceremony which we watched on our big screen TV in the basement. Our neighbors across the street also had a son that graduated and they were outside taking pictures too. All of this increased the excitement before the ceremony.

After watching the ceremony online, we did a Zoom call with some family members. Each of us shared a memory, encouragement, or advice for my son as he enters this new phase of life. It was really special. I shared my advice and encouragement in last Friday’s post here if you are interested.

A Big Thank You to Melissa – Graduation Video Montage

I just want to thank Melissa for taking these amazing photos of my son and our family. I know what an incredible photographer she is but I got to see her expertise in action in a different way this time. She put this amazing video together and I literally cried when I watched it for the first time. If you are in the Chicago area and need to a photographer for your wedding or next big event, hire her! She is worth every penny.