Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 21) so I thought I would share a unique gift idea. I was approached recently by Just Go Travel Studios because they saw a post from one of our family national park trips. They shared their unique service that turns travel photos into vintage-style posters. Love this! We have so many photos from our travels so I had to find one to give to Michael as a cool Father’s Day gift.

Just Go Travel Studios

My sons Evan and Austin at Zion National Park

I knew I had share Just Go Travel Studios on my blog because I share their love of National Parks. This company is the brainchild of Pete and Amy Brahan and they have been to 38 of our country’s National Parks so far. (Pretty impressive!) My family and I are trying to follow in their footsteps. Here is their mission which I embrace whole-heartedly.

Our mission is to help people plan, experience, and remember great vacations. We believe that vacations are meant to be enjoyed before, during and after the trip, and we try to help in every area.

We also give 10% of all profits to the National Park Foundation, as we feel it’s our way of giving back to the Parks that have given us so much.

It’s so refreshing to see that they give back to our National Parks because funding has been happening less and less because of our federal government.

Custom Travel Posters

Zion National Park poster from Just Go Travel Studios

When I checked out their website, I was in awe with how professional their posters look. The vintage vibes really come through. It was very easy to send them my photo and give them specific details on what I wanted. Their customer service was amazing. They confirmed my order and doubled checked with me on details. Click here to see examples of the wonderful work they do. Just Go Travel Studios can also make postcard and cards.

Details of our Just Go Travels Studios poster
Sharing details of the poster we got made by Just Go Travel Studios.

I chose to use a photo of my sons Evan and Austin from Zion National Park for Michael’s gift. (The hike called the Narrows is where this photo was taken.) Since Evan is leaving for college, I thought it would be nice for Michael to have a memory of them together. (I just ordered a frame but it hasn’t arrived yet.)

National Park Itineraries

Besides doing beautiful posters, they also offer downloadable itineraries to several National Parks. I mentioned in Monday’s post that we are heading to Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park at the end of June. Just Go Travel Studios was kind enough to send me those itineraries and I was blown away with the wealth of information they contained. We are planning to use them on our trip and of course I will give a review of them soon after we get back. I love that all the hiking trails that are listed which has been helpful for us on deciding which ones to do with the time we have available. They also have a travel blog as well.

A big thank you to Just Go Travel Studios for this poster. I know my husband will love it. What are you getting Dad this Father’s Day?

Happy Wednesday! XO