Camo Casual Cool by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Keeping it camo casual cool for the weekend. Adding my white long sleeved ruched tee to these camouflage corduroy jeans was a no brainer. I want the print to be the focus. This look has been on major repeat during our shelter in place. Keep reading to the end because I am also sharing a fun test that I gave my husband.

Top | Jeans (similar here) | Sneakers (similar here) | Bag (similar here) | Necklace | Sunglasses (similar here)

Camouflage corduroy jeans paired with a long sleeved white tee and sneakers.
All Saints Ryder Side Ruched Top with Camo Corduroy Jeans
A casual cool look during early Spring.
Keeping it camo casual cool.

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

Top | Jeans (similar here) | Sneakers (similar here) | Bag (similar here) | Necklace | Sunglasses (similar here)

Camouflage Cool

These corduroy jeans were featured in a winter post and I decided to bring them out again for Spring. Wearing corduroy still works because we are experiencing cool temperatures (it snowed today!) Instead of wearing them with a sweater, I went for this lightweight tee that I also featured in an earlier post. (It’s on sale now!) Both pieces are match made in heaven and their combination makes a great weekend look. The outfit is cool, comfy, and relaxed. Perfect for our quarantine time.

How Well Does He Know You?

Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine had a fun blog post on Wednesday where she asked her hubby questions to see how much he knows her. (He was spot on.) I loved this so I thought I would put my husband Michael to the test. Here’s what he came up with. πŸ™‚

What is something I say a lot?The word like. (He’s right and my oldest son does this a lot too.)

How tall am I? 5″2″ (Yep!)

What do I do when I’m not with you?Grocery shop (In his defense, this is the only time I am away from him at the moment. I would’ve preferred blogging, hanging out with friends.)

What is my favorite movie?When Harry Met Sally (Yes and also Pretty Woman. I can’t pick one.)

If I could go anywhere, where would I go?The Maldives. (My dream vacation for sure.)

How do I annoy you? – You are a messy cook. (I agree with this but I think he gets more annoyed by my liberal beliefs. Lol!)

What is my favorite tv show? Sex and the City (The best and still adore all the fashion!)

Who is my celebrity crush? – Scott Eastwood (Close, Daniel Craig is right above him.)

You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with? – Karen (My sis and absolutely spot on.)

What do I hate?My anal tendencies. (He is a little over the top OCD.)

What is something I love to eat? What is my favorite drink? chocolate, ice cream, wine (I am a sweets girl so yes to both and a glass of rose` is always welcome.)

What gets my temper going the most?When people don’t do what you want them to do. (Truth! I’m trying to work on that. Lol!)

What’s my shoe size? – 5 (Close, I wear a size 6. That tripped up Andrea’s guy too!)

Three words to describe me. – Empathetic, girly, and loving. (I’ll take it!)

Michael gets a gold star! Have a great weekend! XO

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