Austin Eldridge's 8th Grade Graduation from Westview Hills Middle School

It’s time for my youngest son Austin’s 8th grade graduation photos. Since his older brother Evan got the royal treatment for his high school graduation, it was only fair that Austin got some love too.

My son and I at his 8th grade graduation.
Father and son at Austin's 8th grade graduation.
My two sons, Evan and Austin Eldridge
Our family celebrating my youngest sons' graduation from Westview Hills Middle School.
Austin's 8th Grade Graduation by Kathrine Eldridge, Wardrobe Stylist

Photos by Melissa Leigh Hansen Photography

A Tough Beginning

My son Austin is a special soul. The fact that he made it to this milestone is a miracle in itself. When I was pregnant with Austin, it was determined that that I had the RH factor which meant that my blood was fighting his blood in the womb. It was a very scary condition and I had to receive 6 blood transfusions during the pregnancy so he could stay alive. There was a risk of miscarriage with each transfusion but we made it through. Austin did have to be taken out 5 1/2 weeks early and he stayed in the NICU for 10 days. He also had to receive 6 more transfusions after he was born. I was so lucky to live in Chicago at that time. Northwestern Memorial Hospital just happened to be a pioneer in this field and we were the beneficiary of that. God is so good!

One Proud Mama

After all Austin has been through, I couldn’t be prouder of what he has accomplished. I have never known any kid try as hard as he does. He loves routine and excels when he sticks to it. I cannot wait to see how his French Horn playing blossoms in the high school band and orchestra. He is a dedicated Boy Scout and I have no doubt that he will become an Eagle scout in the next couple of years. Good luck Austin and I love you so much!

How is it possible that I have one child going to college and another one in high school now? If you are parent of small children, cherish as many moments as you can. (Some are impossible to cherish. Lol!) The time flies by in a blink of eye. I heard other before me say this and I didn’t think anything of it. Now I know better. Only 4 years until Michael and I are empty nesters!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! XO