August Beatufy Favorites - Products by Tatcha, Pixi by Petra, Paula's Choice, Dermalogica, Winky Lux and Sky Organics

I’ve been getting a lot of products sent to me by different brands in the last couple of months.  As I have said in the past, I need time to see how effective they are for me before I share.  These are the ones that wiggled their way into my daily routine.

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder | Paula’s Choice RESIST Serum | Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery | Sky Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask | Pixi by Petra MultiBalm | Winky Lux Flower Lip Balm

August Beauty Favorites

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder – I use this everyday after I get out of the shower.  Exfoliating is so important in any regimen. It’s a powder that you add water to which turns into a creamy foam. (A little bit goes a long way.) Since I have started using this, I have noticed less redness all over and my t-zone area is less clogged with impurities.  My skin is also much smoother. This product has antioxidant-rich Japanese rice bran and crushed pearl extract plus a trio of anti-aging Japanese superfoods. These are green tea, rice, and algae.  My skin isn’t sensitive but my guess is that this exfoliating cleanser would be perfect for extremely sensitive skin because it’s not abrasive at all.  Big thumbs up!

Paula’s Choice RESIST Omega Fatty Acid Aging Complex Serum – Paula’s Choice never lets me down. I am always concerned about aging and wrinkles so I started using it right away after I received it. (I also read Shireen’s review from Reflection of Sanity which helped push me over the edge.) Once I started using this serum, I noticed better elasticity with my skin.  It has a very light scent that is barely noticeable. The reason this product works so well is because of the concentrated levels of omega fatty acids.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 – Perfect moisturizer for the summer! It showed up on my doorstep right before I went to Yellowstone National Park on vacation.  When I saw it had an SPF of 50, I was overjoyed because I was going to expose my skin to the elements during this trip.  We were outside hiking almost every day and my skin was protected the whole time. It’s slight cinnamon scent is lovely. My primer and makeup go over it nicely because it absorbs quickly. It has ingredients that promote collagen which makes sense because my skin has never felt this soft and smooth.

Sky Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask – I don’t do masks often but I when I do it’s because I have some breakout that I want to clear up.  Mud masks pull impurities out of the skin and that’s what this one did beautifully. The best part about this mask is that I didn’t feel like my skin was going to crack after I took it off. It contains sunflower and jojoba oils so my skin felt soft instead of tight. When you have a night to unwind, just throw this mask on and chill with a glass of wine. Your skin will feel hydrated and have a glow afterwards.

Pixi by Petra MultiBalm in Baby Petal – This multi-purpose product is used on lips and cheeks.  I prefer it on the cheeks because it gives the skin a natural glow. It’s easily blendable and doesn’t go on heavy.  I didn’t like this color on my lips because it washed me out but I would love to try some of the other colors because of how smoothly it glides on. This is the perfect blush for summer.

August Beauty Favorites - Pixi by Petra MultiBalm in Baby Petal

Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain – What girl wouldn’t want a clear lip gloss with a pretty flower inside? Dying over these lip balms! I received a set of these from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but it’s sold out. The good news is that you can still buy them separately. The coolest part of these balms is that they interact with your lip’s ph level to give you the perfect shade of pink for your skin. I could see the change right away after I put it on.  The bonus with this balm/lip stain is that it has a pleasant coconut scent.

August Beauty Favorites - Winky Lux Flower Balms

Which one is your fave of the bunch? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful day!

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